The field of orthotics encompasses any device used to support, correct or replace musculoskeletal functions lost due to a disability.

As in the prosthetic field, impressive strides have been made, and an amazing array of devices are now available, in custom-made or prefabricated designs to suit your personal requirements, your size and your shape.

Custom-Fit Orthoses

Although orthotic manufacturers provide orthoses in a range of standard sizes and shapes, which may be fitted to the patient with a minimum of adjustment, there are many that require very careful and specific customization to enable them to fit specific body contours. Even “off-the-shelf” orthoses should be fitted for you by a trained and qualified professional orthotist, who is experienced and educated in the different fitting processes, as well as experienced and skilled in dealing with the latest designs and techniques.

Custom-Designed Orthoses

When a physician prescribes a brace it is created specifically to fulfill a patient’s needs. Snell’s uses the latest in high tech, lightweight components to incorporate into a precision fitting orthosis that is tailored to achieve the best possible fit available.

Snell’s expertise extends to the newest designs in functional electrical and microprocessor orthotics, such as Walk-Aide, Bioness, SensorWalk and others.